Injection Screw and Extruder Screw Technology


With almost 50 years of feed screw design and manufacturing expertise, R. Dray has developed innovative solutions that redefine the standards of efficiency in the plastics manufacturing industry. We offer a full range of patented barrier screw and mixing screw technology to accommodate any molding and extrusion challenge. An improved screw design can increase output, reduce melt temperature, reduce energy consumption, improve quality, and increase your bottom line. Let us custom design a solution to maximize your productivity!

We were the first to guarantee performance in the Plastics Industry. Other companies may claim to be the performance leader in screw technology, we go a step further - we guarantee that our designs will out perform all others - and have guaranteed this for over 40 years!

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Patented Feedscrew Technology


Barrier Screws

The most widely used barrier screw technology in the plastics industry.

Dray Mixer

Low shear distributive mixer, ideal for filled and shear sensitive resins.

SW Mixer

High shear dispersive mixer that improves melt uniformity and quality.

VI1 Mixer

Low shear distributive mixing design that greatly improves color dispersion.


APS (all purpose screw)

Improved general purpose screw design, ideal for contract molding.

W Mixer

High shear dispersive mixing design that is typically paired with the MFV..

MFV (multi-flighted vent)

Improved vent design for multi-stage vented extrusion applications. 

Removable dams

Adjustable barrier screw design ideal for optimizing regrind processing.


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