Feedscrew and Barrel Inspection

At R. Dray Mfg. we are dedicated to quality and performance. All new screws, whether of our custom design or customer designed, are thoroughly inspected to meet our rigorous quality standards. We apply the same thoroughness and principles to the inspection of worn screws, barrels, and other components. Our facility and team are equipped with the tools needed for a complete analysis of your worn components for rebuilding qualification. With a 10 ton overhead crane capacity we can handle large, costly components that other companies simply cannot rebuild/repair or properly inspect. When you ship your components to our facility for analysis we offer our straight forward recommendations - whatever the most cost effective solution is necessary to give you the highest performance possible.


Onsite Screw and Barrel Inspection

We understand that downtime is the enemy of a production facility. If the schedule does not allow for the components to be shipped to R. Dray Mfg., our team can come to you for screw and barrel wear and design evaluation. This service can save you time and money with shipping components and allows our team to fully understand your production problems and answer any questions you may have. 


    Field Services:

    • Screw, barrel, and component blueprinting
    • Screw and barrel wear evaluation
      • Screw flight OD evaluation
      • Screw root evaluation
      • Barrel bore gauging
    • Feed throat evaluation

    To stay on schedule and reduce overall downtime of your machine we have some basic requirements for our field services.


    Field Service Requirements:

    • Screw must be removed from the barrel
    • Screw should be cleaned of any remaining plastic to ensure accurate measurement
    • The barrel ID should be cleaned to ensure accurate measurement
    • The screw and barrel must be at room temperature to ensure accurate measurement

    Stay Ahead of the Wear!

    Every company should have a robust preventative maintenance program in place to eliminate costly downtime. When we build or rebuild screws and components we work closely with the customer to develop a plan that works. Scheduled annual, biennial or triennial wear evaluation can ensure that you stay ahead of the wear! Rebuilding or replacing screws and components before performance plummets and energy costs soar is crucial for overall productivity. Learn more about our rebuilding services.

    When we replace or rebuild your worn screw, we will work with you and your team to develop a replacement/rebuilding program tailored to your needs. Scheduling screw and barrel inspections in advance will ensure that your molding operation is performing at optimal levels. Rebuilding or replacing screws before rate and quality plummets and energy costs soar reduces overall downtime and profit losses. When a badly worn screw is continually ran, the loss in efficiency and increased repair costs/time typically costs more than the components that were attempted to be saved.