Our Mission

At R. Dray Mfg. we are dedicated to being the leading manufacturer of plastics manufacturing components. Using our vast experience and engineering capabilities, we seek to develop innovative solutions that redefine the standards of plastics manufacturing efficiency. Our unique experience in design, processing, and manufacturing enables us to fully service our customers. This level of experience and capability is unsurpassed in the plastics industry today. 

Our feed screw designs are guaranteed to outperform any competitor's design. We utilize decades of time tested accomplishments and incorporate sound metallurgical, manufacturing, computer, and processing technology in our products. We can manufacture extrusion and injection screws to any configuration.

The capacity to machine screws from 3/4" to 20" in diameter to 40' in length is unmatched in the industry today. Our in house engineering team can custom design screws to maximize the performance of your machine-to-material relationship, or we can manufacture according to your design specifications. We offer the best emergency screw rebuilding and repair service in the industry which will save your company time and money. R. Dray Mfg. is the only manufacturer to Unconditionally Guarantee our own screw and valve designs. If you are not satisfied with the performance of our product, you may return it for full credit.

  • Service - We believe in it and live by it. R. Dray Mfg. is proud of our reputation in the industry for quality, consumer assistance, and integrity. We offer this treasured achievement to customers old and new. 
  • Quality - From design to shipment, we use the best technology, materials, and equipment. Each manufactured screw and non-return valve is rigorously inspected to the closest of industry standards. 
  • Innovation - Our mission to improve the plastics industry has led to the development of the most advanced non-return valve and feed screw designs that are redefining the standards of efficiency. Innovation is the driving force to any industry and we are proud to lead the way to a more efficient plastics industry.

Patented Technology


  • 3650652 Screw design patent (Efficient screw) the first basic US barrier patent.
  • 3734667 Extruder patent
  • 3788612 Screw design patent (“W”mixer)
  • 4444507 Mixer patent (Triangular mixer)
  • 4723847 Screw design patent (Adjustable Dam)
  • 4842414 Screw design patent (R.V.Flow)
  • 4896969 Screw design patent (Concept)
  • 5071255 Screw design patent (Adjustable Dam)
  • 6988821 Screw design patent (Removable Dam)
  • 0213077 Screw design patent

Injection Molding

  • 5151282 Non-Return Valve patent (Repeater)
  • 5258158 Non-Return Valve patent (Repeater)
  • 5470514 Precise shot control (Smartshot)
  • 5975127 Air Shut-off Nozzle
  • 6203311 Non-Return Valve patent (APV)
  • 6413076 Machine Patent (The Coupler)
  • 6464488 Non-Return Valve patent (APV Mixing)
  • 6739862 ICU (Injection Unit)
  • 7314368 Dual Cylinder Injection Unit

We create innovative solutions for the plastics manufacturing industry guaranteed to help your business maximize productivity, efficiency, and ultimately increase your bottom line. 

  • Expert process evaluation
  • The most advanced screw designs in the industry
  • Expertly manufacture screws according to your design specifications
  • The most innovative non-return valve designs
  • Cost saving rebuilding and repair service
  • The only manufacturer in the industry backed by an Unconditional Guarantee

What We've Achieved

R. Dray Mfg. Globe

Our proven experience and patented designs have allowed us to outfit complete plasticating units for some the world's largest molders and resin processors in virtually every sector. Our designs have helped maximize efficiency and increase profitability in both high and low volume facilities for industry leading manufacturers. We have exported our services and expertise internationally to most of the Western industrial world.  


We are the screw designers.

Since patenting the first basic barrier screw design in the United States in 1972, we have been the leaders of industry advancing patent technology. We were the first to guarantee performance in the Plastics Industry. Other companies may claim to be the performance leader in design technology, we go a step further - we guarantee that our designs will out perform all others - and have guaranteed this for over forty years.


Non-Return Valves

Our APV non-return valves make traditional check ring valves obsolete

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Our industry leading designs will increase your productivity.

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