SW Mixer

The Dray SW Mixer is a simple, time tested, high shear dispersive mixing device. The SW mixing design was developed to have a screw design that was high shear and self cleaning while providing excellent dispersion. The SW Mixer has been used in hundreds of real world applications in both extrusion and injection molding for almost 45 years. 


How the SW Mixer Works

The SW Mixer is a simple high shear dispersive mixing design. Polymer enters the inlet grooves and is conveyed forward. As the inlet grooves taper and terminate, the polymer is forced over the undercut flights into outlet grooves.

The small clearance between the undercut mixer flights and barrel wall imparts high shear forces to the polymer. Any remaining solids or agglomerates after solid bed break up are elongated, increasing surface area exposed to the adjacent melt. The SW Mixer promotes a high quality, isothermal melt and excellent dispersion in low viscosity and color applications. 

The SW Mixer is an elegant solution that has been time tested. For almost 45 years, the SW mixing design has been leveraged by our customers in both injection molding and extrusion applications in virtually every sector.  



True Dispersive Mixing

The SW Mixer is ideal for lower viscosity materials and non-shear sensitive materials (PP, HDPE, Nylon, etc.) The spiral, undercut mixing chamber imparts high shear forces, promoting a high quality isothermal melt.


Superior Melt Quality

Material enters inlet grooves and is forced over the undercut flights into outlet grooves. This high shear mixing design does not allow any unmelted solids or agglomerates to continue downstream. This promotes excellent dispersion for a high quality homogeneous melt.