Injection Molding Rate Loss Calculator

In an injection molding environment, screw, barrel, and valve wear can cause a host of issues. Worn components can cause erratic cushion variation, and even the inability to hold a cushion at all. Worn, and/or damaged components will cause a reduction in plasticizing efficiency, increasing normal recovery time and melt temperatures, naturally increasing overall cycle times. Scrap rates will soar due to potential streaking, burns, and non-uniform parts due to poor melt quality and degradation. Instability in the molding process and increased melt temperature caused from excessive wear will increase cycle times, energy consumption, and waste. Injection screw assembly and barrel wear all leads to wasted time and money!

To help you and your team better understand and plan for screw and barrel wear, our team at R. Dray Mfg. has developed a simple calculator that helps estimate the potential reduction in productivity and profitability from your screw and barrel wear in injection molding applications. Fill in the fields below with details from your process and our calculator will automatically generate an estimated rate loss and recovery time. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you have about this tool!


Flight width and screw lead example