The New Standard of Injection Molding Efficiency


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Traditional OEM and Third Party seat closing ring check valves are obsolete

The revolutionary APV family of sliding closure valves reduces molded part cost while improving molded part quality, leading to increases in profit and productivity. The APV is the only scientifically designed non-return valve providing the following major advantages:

  •  Faster closure (.030" vs .120" distance to close) with no sacrifice in recovery time - this feature substantially reduces cushion variation and therefore improves part weight variation.
  • Improved color dispersion with the APVM (APV mixing version) - this feature allows for consistent part quality and requires less color concentrate.
  • Less barrel and valve wear due to the greater ring to barrel ID clearance. For a valve that does not wear out - the APVI (APV interlocking version) Other interlocking style valves require close ring to barrel ID clearance and therefore cause excessive ring and barrel wear.
  • No dead spots and no internal leakage. As the APV is scientifically designed, it is self-cleaning and does not require purging.
  • Fast initial velocity not required to close the valve, even with low viscosity polymers. This allows for the machine velocity profile to be properly used to fill the cavity instead of closing the non-return valve.
  • Guaranteed designs with attractive pricing that allows your company to become more efficient and profitable. 

The APV is an elegant solution that has proven to outperform traditional check ring valves. Sliding closure allows the APV to close much faster and more consistently than any other valve.


 Our valves are not off the shelf general purpose equipment, we design your valve to best suit your machine to material relationship to maximize your production potential.


The traditional ring check valve, whether third party or OEM, is an unnecessary bottleneck to the injection molding industry. We have redefined the standards of molding efficiency with our APV family of non-return valves. The traditional design relies on friction between the relatively cheap valve and very expensive barrel causing excessive wear which leads to erratic performance. The APV family of non-return valves utilizes sliding closure. This allows for massive increases in performance and reliability and no longer requires excessive wear to function. We guarantee that you will have higher quality parts with less wear, wasted material, and time. 

One of the cheapest ways to get big returns in your production capabilities

Innovation is the driving force to any industry. The APV non-return valve can help set new standards of efficiency and expectations in the injection molding industry. The rate of innovation in the parts being molded and the materials used is a clear indication. The injection molding industry can not afford to depend on unreliable general purpose equipment when customers expect cheaper, higher quality, sophisticated products. In any case, competition dictates that lowering the cost of production is far more beneficial than raising the price of the product.


There is a reason why some of the largest injection molding companies in the world use our APV non-return valves.


Increase your production efficiency!