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Repair Service
We offer emergency repair from broken screws to total encapsulation. Our rebuilding process incorporates state of the art PTA welding along with our own flight finishing process that insures a secure bond between hard facing and base material while maintaining maximum flight width. We can accommodate all diameters and length for rebuilding.
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Experience --Since the beginning R. Dray Mfg. has been dedicated to becoming the go-to manufacturer that serves the plastic industry. Our unique experience in design, processing, and manufacturing enables us to fully service our customers. This level of experience and manufacturing capability is unsurpassed in the plastics industry.
Our designs are guaranteed to outperform any competitor’s design. We design and manufacture utilizing years of time tested accomplishments and incorporate sound metallurgical, manufacturing, computer, and processing technology in our products.

    We have provided extrusion screws for virtually every major resin supplier and processor in the United States. International sales are also part of our business and we have exported to most of the Western industrial world.

Service -- We believe in it and live by it. R. Dray Mfg. is proud of our reputation in the industry for quality, consumer assistance and integrity. We offer this treasured achievement to customers old and new.

Consistent Quality - Each manufactured screw is rigorously inspected to conform to the closest of industry standards. Consistency and precision have been greatly enhanced by computer technology. At R. Dray Mfg. we have made a significant investment in computer controlled equipment from lathes to all sizes of milling machines

Serving the Plastic Industry Since 1973
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