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We are the experts of design, manufacturing, and rebuilding of extrusion screws, injection screws, non-return valves, barrels and other melt stream components for the plastic extrusion and injection molding industry. We specialize in helping molders and plastics processors increase output and overall quality while decreasing cycle time; maximizing productivity, efficiency, and ultimately increasing your bottom line. Since patenting the first and most widely used basic barrier screw design in the United States in 1972 (Patent # 3,650,652), we have been the leaders of industry advancing patent technology. 

If you have a production goal in mind, R. Dray Mfg. can evaluate your process, design and manufacture the most cost effective solutions to meet your needs.

We were the first to guarantee performance in the Plastics Industry. Other companies may claim to be the performance leader in design technology, we go a step further - we guarantee that our designs will out perform all others - and have guaranteed this for over 40 years!

Stop wasting time, money, and quality on poor melt stream components!

If your customers deserve the best qualityprice, and consistency in your products then we can help.


We are the screw designers.


We engineer screws and valves guaranteed to increase performance


With almost 50 years of feed screw design and manufacturing expertise, R. Dray Mfg. develops innovative solutions that re-define the standards of efficiency in the plastics manufacturing industry. Our patented screw technology and non-return valves will increase production efficiency, quality, and profitability - guaranteed. We can outfit your entire plasticating unit to maximize production potential, and to save you money we offer the most effective screw rebuilding and repair program in the industry. Learn more about how we can help your company become more profitable today.


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